iChenyao Server of NVDA Remote Relay

NVDA Remote is a plugin of NVDA Screen Reader, by using this plugin, you can help your friend to solve a problem remotely and easily. because the reason of network, official server of nvdaremote.com is very unstable in mainland china, so I builded this server for mainland china users.
Please note: this is a unofficial NVDA remote server, this server is maintaining by iChenyao.
Please note: to use this server, you need to install NVDA’s remote plugin, to get it, you can visit https://nvdaremote.com/ for download.
To start: press NVDA key + N, select “Tools” – “Remote”, active “Connect” menu. sure the “Client” radio button is selected.
According to your need, you can select “Control another machine” or “Allow this machine to be controlled” radio button, in the “Host” editable box, enter:
In the “Key” editable box, enter the key that negotiated with your friend. Press “OK” button to connect with our server.

I wish you happy to use