Hi All My Friends!

My name is Johnny Chen, Chinese Name is 陈瑶, I’m 23 years old, this is my introduction:
I come from Liuchou, Kuanghsi, china. I have a junior high school degree, thereafter because reason of eyesight I got to drop out of school. in this year, i’ll to go to secondary school for learning, included but not limited to professional skills, ability of live independently and more, although it is a challenging.
Although I is a visually impaired boy, I can not see the beautiful, colourful of world, but i can feel the world through my hand and my ear. I can using the computer and internet with screen reader, so i can to browsing online news, listening the online broadcast, for the most important, I can stay connected with the world through the instant messaging software and services.
In china, optional careers for visually impaired person are few, much of visually impaired person’s job is massage. but you know, the works of visually impaired person can to do is very lot. E.g., set up a website, develop a application, playing music using the musical instruments or sing a song.
I’m master of iChenyao website, for building this website I need to get some money, so I help others to solve computer problems inline so that i can get some money. in addition, I can learn a lot of knowledge while I helping others to solve technologies problems, E.g., prevent server from cracker, optimizing the operating system and etc.
I know a lot of visually impaired friends, E.g., Rofy Su (Light & Salt association for the blind R.O.C.). Qingtian, Qingtian promote information accessibility of china. Liubiao, Liubiao is Xinyi Software Laboratory website’s owner and administrator.
Now, I am also helping those who need help without cost, I am convinced, When I become strong, Strong is not the capital of supercilious, When I help people, I will be able to learn more, this is a good idea for making me better.
No one is perfect, I also need help from everyone, to those who have helped me, here I would like to express my most sincere gratitude to you.
In addition to studying the computer, listen the music is my hobby, light music can let me relax so it is my favorite. I like Kevin Kern’s music.
OK, this is my introduction, thanks you!