Comment approve policy

For exchange of knowledge, i’ve enabled comment function in my website. Unfortunately, some advertisers are abusing ours website, to prevent this, I made this policy.

One, automatic filter
I’ve configured automatic filters in this website, do not worry, I’ll check the recycle bin regularly to restoring misjudged comments.

Two, similar to reCAPTCHA
to protects ours website from abuse, I’ve enabled reCAPTCHA or similar technology, before the comment is submit, verification is a must, just answer a simple question.

Three, entered of information
1. You must enter a canonical nickname or your real name, meaningless name is not allow.
2. You must enter a website that you have its ownership, personal page in facebook, twitter or other BSP not your website, if you do not have any website, leave a space in website input box.
3. In principle, comment’s content must about to the currently article.
4. Product advertising, adult content is not allow.